Secure & Reliable Website Forms

All forms come with a form processor also known as form-to-email script. Our form processor, however, does much more than just sending emails - it protects your forms from spam, collects form submissions, blocks unwanted visitors, creates PDFs, accepts client signatures, sends autoresponder email and much more.

Form to Excel Spreadsheet
Your users submit a form and you get their submissions in a spreadsheet. Open the spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel, then sort, edit, build reports, etc. The downloaded file has a .CSV extension. CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. Many databases support a CSV import.
Form to PDF
Form to PDF icon This is a great feature when you want to transform your visitor's submission into a PDF file. It works great with a Signature pad. The PDF file easily be printed or shared with your business partners and co-workers.

Forms with Signature pad
Form Signature icon The Signature pad allows you to request a visitor's signature together with the submitted form. Enhance the legality of the submission with a signature.

File Upload forms
File Upload Form icon The Upload functionality lets you receive files from your clients. The files are stored in your profile, for your retrieval. Upload functionality works with all forms and you can receive multiple files simultaneously.


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